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We are Passionate Web Designers!

Meet the dynamic duo of web design, Adler Art! These two passionate designers are all about making awesome online stuff. They focus on creating cool logos, promoting things, and making websites that look great on any device. Adler Art isn’t just about websites; they’re like digital wizards, making online adventures that people love. With their mix of creativity and tech skills, they turn ideas into super cool and easy-to-use websites. Adler Art is changing the game, making the internet a more awesome and stylish place for everyone.

Sepideh Bagheri
Web & UX Designer

I'm Sepi! An enthusiastic Web Designer with more than 10 years of experience in this industry! I started my job as a designer in Hirmand Publication in Tehran. After immigrating to Canada I continued as a freelance designer besides compelling my skills in UX design. I'm lucky that I am doing a job that I like! 

Adler Karakash
SEO Specialist

Educated in Computer Science from Montreal Canada. Enthusiastic, creative, and detailed. I am all about numbers and how our business can show up on Google's first page! 


WordPress 100%
Figma 100%
SEO 100%
E-Commerce Webpage 100%
CSS 80%
Java Script 75%
Adobe Suits 75%

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