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In the exciting journey of the past year as a web designer for BT Pictures and Production, I’ve been dedicated to crafting a visually compelling and user-friendly online experience. From understanding the essence of the brand to implementing a mobile-friendly design and showcasing multimedia elements, every step was taken with precision. Collaborating seamlessly with the development team, I ensured a smooth transition from concept to a live, dynamic website. User testing and feedback were pivotal in refining the design, and post-launch, ongoing support and continuous improvements have been integral to sustaining an impressive online presence. Here’s to a year of creativity, collaboration, and successful web design for BT Pictures and Production!

  1. Understanding the Client: Worked closely with BT Pictures and Production to grasp their brand and goals.

  2. Planning the Website: Created a blueprint for the website’s design, considering user experience.

  3. Design Process: Experimented with different visual elements and refined designs based on feedback.

  4. Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensured the website looked good and worked well on all devices.

  5. Showcasing Multimedia: Incorporated images, videos, and interactive features to highlight their work.

  6. Team Collaboration: Worked closely with developers to bring the design to life.

  7. User Testing: Checked the website with users, making improvements based on their feedback.

  8. Launch and Support: Helped launch the website and provided ongoing support for any issues.

  9. Continuous Improvement: Stayed updated on design trends and made ongoing improvements for a better user experience.

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